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This year has been one of sweeping change the world over. COVID has affected our lives in more ways than one and impacted the lives of those around us. Throughout it all we have adapted as best we can to what we now call the “new normal.” Getting a big hug from one of your kids, having your mom come over with lunch, or a roommate walk in the background while you’re in a video conference meeting is nothing we haven’t seen now.

During these unprecedented times there has been a strong shift towards distributed learning and for good reason. The Ministry of Education School Act defines distributed learning as “a method of instruction that relies primarily on indirect communication between students and teachers, including internet or other electronic-based delivery, teleconferencing or correspondence.” The perfect tonic to continued learning during these lockdown times.

RaceRocks are, and always have been, strong proponents for distributed learning in our mission to “create a world of informed decision makers.” We have designed and developed distributed learning and technology enabled learning solutions for the past ten years to deliver engaging learning experiences. We could list the numerous advantages of distributed learning, and there are a lot in our book, however, we thought it would be more meaningful to hear from our dedicated team of learning designers about where their passion for distributed learning comes from.

To achieve this, we asked our Learning team one simple question: What do you love about designing Digital Learning Environments for our partners?

“I love the creative and collaborative process! I work with our partners to understand their training needs and then get to design engaging and personalized learning. Then our team of talented artists, developers, and I get to build digital learning environments that encourage the learner to understand and apply their knowledge. I also get to learn about a wide variety of topics in the process.” Melissa Hamer, Product Owner / Learning Designer

“I love being a visionary. Taking our clients idea, planting that seed within our team, and watching it evolve. Our team’s highly skilled diversity can transform the most complex idea into an engaging end product that captures all the wants and requirements that the client has brought forth. For me, I get to watch the evolution from both inside and outside of the project, and that is what each day is about.” Matt Mayer, Sr. Product Owner

“Designing digital learning environments has been such a multi-faceted way to apply a variety of skills in a helpful and tidy package, to better ensure learners can learn and absorb information in as streamlined a way as possible. The challenge of creating such a package is spread out between many people and moving parts, but when it comes together, it comes together right and that is very satisfying to see.” Sarah Kent, Junior Content Creator

“As a learning designer, I’m fortunate to actively participate in the entirety of the projects I work on. I’m influential at the conceptualization stage. I’m able to offer input on how we present content and incorporate art work. I collaborate on the edits, decisions, and minutiae that ultimately helps deliver a stellar product. I revel in collaborating with my RaceRocks teammates and our clients so contributing to all of those phases brings me joy when I reflect on where we started and where we ended up. The journey and various possibilities along the way keeps me engaged and motivated to present solutions that will meet our clients’ and learners’ needs and expectations.” Jamaal Cox, Associate Learning Designer

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