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RaceRocks (RaceRocks 3D Inc.) an education technology small business in Victoria, British Columbia has signed a teaming agreement with Modest Tree (Modest Tree Media Inc.), a simulation and training software small business in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The agreement includes use of software and development of Naval Training Systems for Project Resolve.

RaceRocks is a learning services and communication company with a media and gaming background that has built a strong working relationship with the navy, government and private sector. Modest Tree is a simulation and training software company with a simulation and gaming background that has built a strong reputation with the military and industry, providing software solutions to create 3D interactive training and game-based training services.

Racerocks and Modest Tree will collaborate on Project Resolve and will compete for future proposals and programs together. By teaming, the two companies will be better positioned to take on larger contracts with the Navy, Army and Air force, as well as become an attractive Pan Canadian addition to any international prime’s value proposition as they compete for major defence procurements.

The two companies, one on each coast, offer a cost, quality and time advantage only possible with the use of disruptive cutting edge technologies and best practices from the civilian world. Both companies have worked for a combined 9 years on defence programs, have support from their Canadian Armed Forces program managers and have rigorous project management, QA and security clearances required by the military. Both teams are on the PWGSC Learning Services SOSA.

“RaceRocks believes the heart of any ship is its PEOPLE, we align learning with the way those people think, work and play. We are thrilled to team with Modest Tree because their software makes learning a lot like playing a video game, something millennials will spend 10,000 hours doing by age 21. This hasn’t escaped the Navy either, who is training millennials, and already uses Modest Tree software with their Canadian Virtual Naval Fleet” – Scott Dewis CEO RaceRocks

“Modest Tree is pleased to team with highly skilled team at RaceRocks. Pairing RaceRock’s exceptional team and experience delivering naval programs with Modest Tree’s experienced software development team and software solutions was a natural fit. We look forward to joining forces with RaceRocks to bring cost-effective game-based learning to the industry and to Project Resolve.”- Sam Sannandeji CEO Modest Tree.

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