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Victoria, B.C. – RaceRocks is excited and proud to announce today that Christina Jones has been named to the company’s leadership team as Vice President of Operations. Christina has been promoted from within the company having played a critical role in successfully delivering RaceRock’s immersive learning and training solutions to our partners as Lead Product Owner. Christina will now report to Anita Pawluk, RaceRock’s President and Founder.

In her new role, Christina will be overseeing the delivery of projects and services across multiple departments ensuring product quality, overseeing planning, process strategy and cross-team communication. She has proven in her previous role her ability to truly understand the needs of partners and establish the most effective path to achieve project success.

Christina has built an incredible rapport with internal team members and partners, and will continue to build communication standards from a leadership position. She has a unique ability to elevate the quality of work from those around her and she will continue to drive results at RaceRocks in her new position. In addition, she will play a large role in reinforcing the company culture, helping to cultivate a diverse team of thought leaders at RaceRocks.

“Christina is an emerging leader and everything we look for in our future leaders,” said Anita Pawluk, President and Founder. “It’s been exciting to watch her develop both personally and professionally as exemplified by her continuing education where she is completing a Masters Degree in Arts, Learning and Technology. She empowers the team, is adjustable in any given situation with a vision towards future success. She is an expert in learning design and applying the appropriate pedagogical approaches to advance the state of training. We look forward to the continued growth and success Christina will bring to the position.”

Before joining RaceRock’s learning team Christina was the Youth Chapter Lead (Victoria) for Canada Learning Code where she led the youth initiatives Girls Learning Code & Kids Learning Code. She also spent over four years at Western Financial Group as a Learning Consultant and eleven years at Coast Capital Insurance Services as a Learning Specialist and Underwriter.

About RaceRocks
RaceRocks is setting the industry standard for immersive and decision-driven training systems. We have “redefined learning by doing”, by creating realistic, interactive experiences for the learner to practice and adapt. Our goal is to create a world of informed decisions. Our cutting-edge, technology-empowered learning creates a seamless experience, more conducive to engagement and retention, and integrates the power of data to achieve optimal results. We are proud to be an Indigenous and woman led company investing in our culture to create a diverse and supportive work environment.

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