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Victoria, B.C. – RaceRocks today announced the creation of a new executive position to guide the company’s growth and expansion in the immersive learning industry.

Craig White

Vice President of Strategy Craig White

Craig White, a senior leader in the company, has been tapped to serve as the Vice President of Strategy. Craig has two decades of experience in critical decision making and has played a critical role in the company’s success by guiding project, product and development teams and their work with the Royal Canadian Navy and defence contractors like Boeing, Babcock and Davie. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM).

“Craig is a rock. His competence leading the delivery teams has been an incredible asset to the company. His foresight and insight make planning with Craig feel like you are using hindsight. That ability, to predict and adapt, will serve us well as RaceRocks prepares to scale rapidly to meet the needs of the aerospace and defence industry,” said RaceRocks President Anita Pawluk.

Prior to joining RaceRocks, White worked closely with leadership teams to support expansion efforts into international markets and corporate communications.

“Our company has benefited immensely from Craig’s strategic thinking. I know that impact and value will only increase as he takes a seat at the executive table, said Christina Jones, Vice President of Operations.

“I am honoured to take on the responsibility and challenges of this new position and very excited for the future I see for RaceRocks and the technology enabled learning environment,” said White.

White assumed the role of Vice President of Strategy effective November 17, 2022.

About RaceRocks
RaceRocks is a woman-led, certified Indigenous company with 40 employees working remotely across Canada. RaceRocks is setting the industry standard for immersive and decision-driven training systems. The company has “redefined learning by doing”, by creating realistic, interactive experiences for the learner to practice and adapt. The company’s cutting-edge, technology-empowered learning creates a seamless experience, more conducive to engagement and retention, and integrates the power of data to achieve optimal results.

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