Our solutions.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have the expertise to modernize existing training tools, improve and optimize current training materials, and convert any in-class or printed resources into empowering digital assets.

Our approach. Collaborative & custom-built.

We take listening and collaboration to a new level of results for your team. First, we immerse ourselves in your work and your needs, to best understand your challenge. Then we strategize and plan to build you something useful and unique. The whole way, as we conceive, design, build and test your solution, you are with us—refining and suggesting as if you were one of us.

Through these core values, we help companies maximize efficiencies through adaptive tools and training solutions.

We put all our cards on the table. We listen closely and ask all the right questions. We identify every one of your needs and challenges, and we translate them to you as opportunities.

Our success. We're committed to your greatness.

You’ve got a problem. We see it as a challenge. You need immersive training built specifically and beautifully. We do all that and more. We make epic things—and we’re not afraid to say so.

We are a people-first company committed to fostering a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion. Because honesty is one of our core values, we base all our relationships on trust.

RaceRocks, a top 75 Canadian Defence company, is trusted by some of Canada’s biggest Navy and aerospace agencies for our unique combination of expertise, approach and values.

If you think we might be your future partner, see the power of exceptional immersive training…